Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Product Review: Make Up For Ever's Eyebrow Corrector

During days when I'm too lazy to do a whole face, I'll just slab on my moisturizer and put my concealer on. But I always end up giving myself another 5minutes for brows and mascara. And that will complete my morning makeup and still look well-made. :)

Lately, I've been reaching for this item: Make Up For Ever's Eyebrow Corrector in No. 2
I got number 2 since I re-dye to black.

Eyebrow Corrector

Swatch. T: lined. B: blended.

1. It's waterproof! Finally, no more retouching my brows after I wash my face mid-day.
2. It's almost smudge-proof. It survives a scratch or two (no hard rubbing here!)
3. It looks pretty natural when blended. Doesn't look "too thick". :)
4. A little goes a long way. I dont have any idea when I'll finish this! haha
5. Hygienic packaging. Unlike MAC Brow Set that you have to re-dip the mascara brush everytime.

1. If you have lighter hair, the shade 0 will be a little hard to get since it will sell out fast. Unlike darker shades, they seem to have No 2 and the second shade always.
2. It's not sweat-proof. During the recent humid weather in my country I would have to set it with brow powder since cream and heat doesn't mix well.
3. You have to brush your eyebrows with a spoolie/clean mascara wand to avoid looking fake. I will never just put it on and not brush it. My brows look flat!
4. Expensive. This is around 1,100+pesos.

I dont think I'll be buying another one of this since it will take me ages to finish this. :)


  1. thanks for this, I am planning to purchase brow anything (either pencil, powder or ceram) thanks for the review dear! Have to check in the counter..KUNG available pa!

  2. No problem sis! :) Your best bet, if you'll use it on clients, will be 0 and 2. :) Goodluck Nikki! :D