Wednesday, June 13, 2012



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Friday, February 24, 2012

MAKEUP BY CARLA GUMIN'S first giveaway!

I know I've been a really bad blogger and youtube makeup guru .. that's because I've been blessed by our Lord with lots of clients and events lately.

As I was browsing an online shop a couple of weeks ago, I remembered how blessed I was and I think it's time to give back to my readers/viewers/clients/friends who have been helping me reach my goals. And were with me in this run for my dreams. And I decided to giveaway an URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow palette. How I wish I could give away a Naked Palette, but who knows? After I reached 5,000 subs nad likes maybe? :)) Kidding. But anyways, please please join my give away. And goodluck!

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4. Post one of past videos from my youtube channel. :) And put MAKEUP BY CARLA GUMIN (have to be a link in facebook. How? Simply put @ before the makeup and then click my public page in the options) is giving away one free URBAN DECAY eyeshadow palette. :)

5. +1 entry if you'll like my friend's lingerie shop

6. +1 if you will tweet about it!

7. PUT DONE in the comment box, with your name in it so I can check and verify your entry! :)

And that's it! Winner will be draw via Random.Org.
Deadline of submission of entries when I reached 250 likes. :)


Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeup Tutorial: First Date Makeup Look

Good morning ladies. A few days ago, I posted this tutorial on my youtube channel. It actually took me just one go because I love doing this kind of makeup.

I used to love first dates or dates in general. Because you always take that extra step to look amazing. I remember dropping a bottle of my favorite mac foundation and it was all-over my black stockings because of jitters. I also remember wearing a bright blue eyeshadow on my first day (yikes). And red lips .. which turned into a disaster when I accidentally touched my lips and when I was bidding that guy goodbye .. I touched his sleeves -- he was wearing white! Ack.

Through all that experience I learned that a successful first date, you have to keep it simple.

First date tips:
* Do not wear something skimpy
* Do not wear something with fishnets and high heels and shorts together.
*For makeup, use a primer to make your foundation last all night.
*To make you look blushing and radiant, use a cream blush and liquid illuminator underneath your setting powder. It will also last a long time if you set it properly with a powder blush/highlighter. (Watch my video on tips how to wear cream products underneath your setting powder!)
* Go for matte lipstick that is close to your shade or a little pink. because it's more easy on the eye and it's a lot less hassle for retouch. (think red. haha)
* Lastly, do not contour your nose -- especially if it is lunchtime.

I hope you'll find this tutorial helpful! Here's the video now.

Under the weather,

There are so much happening in my life right now, and sometimes I dont know how to start my sentence.

To be honest, most of the days I'll be in my bed sulking. I wish I could share what happened but I need to protect my kids from harm, that's why I have kept my mouth shut. But I just want you to know that I'm going through a very tough time in my life.

I'm just so ever dearest happy to be doing what I love most right now - makeup. It somehow helps me stay calm and collected whenever I feel breaking down. I filmed makeup tutorials now -- because there are so much burden in my heart that I need to talk, I need to say something even it is not related to what I'm feeling inside. Makeup makes me happy right now. Shallow, but there's really nothing to complain right now. What matter is .. I am trying my best to be whole again.
So please pardon the next few days .. or weeks of being silent. One day I'll be able to say it, but not right now. Oh God how I wish the pain would stop already.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pin-Up Girl Makeup Tutorial + Holiday greetings!

Hi Everyone.
First of all I want to greet you a merry merry christmas. I know I've been MIA here, but im somehow more active in youtube lately. Because I suck at describing products, I decided to just put some demonstration on how it works.

So, how's the holiday so far?
Me and my kids spent it by having a fastfood take out and watched tons of cartoons and slept like bears.
And they gave me a gift I've been wanting for quite some time now, SLEEP. Like really deep sleep. because they behaved well. and I love them for that.

Here's something I did at the morning of Christmas Eve before I head out with my kids.

And a fruitful year ahead.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tutorial: Holiday Makeup look

Christmas is fast approaching! I used to love christmas because of gifts you can receive, but as I grow old I love it because it's a chance for me and my kids (and family) to bond over dinner.

For family events, I like to keep my makeup clean, yet still look polished. That's why in this video, I decided to go for a simple eye makeup but with red lips.

I'm wearing NYX lipstick in Chic Red, and it's amazing. It's not drying like other nyx lipstick, this too doesnt have too much scent and taste in it. And the best part? It's semi-matte and last real good. :)

I hope you like this, please watch the video and subscribe please!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Eyes with a twist.

I filmed this probably three weeks ago when I had a free time. I have been uninspired lately, and quite depressed because of recent things that happened in my life. But you know what? Screw regrets. :)

Here's a smokey eyes tutorial, i played it with a little gold on the lashline to add a twist to your normal smokey eyes. :) I hope you guys like this, and please subscribe!