Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Product Review: NARS Lip Crayon in Forbidden Red

Last Mother's Day, I received NARS' Lip Crayon in Forbidden Red as a gift from my boyfriend. I originally want the brighter red, but I bought Russian Red that same day, so I end up getting this shade. I was hesitant about the pencil type lipstick since I dont know if my cosmetic sharpener will work with it (I end up buying a sharpener from NARS too. haha.), but for the sake of trying out a new product I end up grabbing it. :)

NARS Lip Crayon in Forbidden Love


As you can see on the swatch above, it's a browner shade of red. Not shocking red, not bright, not "grandma"ish but more like a dull dark red, which can be good if you dont want to attract attention but still want to wear something red just for the heck of it. :)

A. Since it's in pencil form, you get the best control out of it. With my red lipstick, it's necessary to use a lip pencil to avoid messing up the application
B. Two layers is all you need. Great color pay-off.
C. Lip pencil and lipstick in one! Talk about saving money.
D. Not drying!! It goes on creamy on application but dries off to a matte finish

A. The price! You can get a full sized lipstick at MAC for a lesser price. (This is, if not mistaken, around 1200-1300pesos)
B. Though I havent tried sharpening it yet, I still bought the sharpener from the same brand to make sure I wont waste any product trying to figure out which sharpener will work (NARS' Sharpener is 395pesos)
C. The staying power is so-so. It starts to fade after 3 drinks.

Would I buy it again? Yes. Im lemming for a nude color, but after that I'm good. :) There are still other lip stuffs to try that wont break the bank. But if you dont mind spending, this one is good. :)

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