Monday, August 23, 2010

Portrait of Madame X

Model: Cassiana Revereza
Styling: Cham Gumin
MUA: Care Gumin
Photographer: Ronnie Cacayuan
A shoot for my sister's styling class. It was a challenge (more like a struggle!) to work in a dim place (for a studio, it's pretty dark!) but everything went like planned. Im squeezing makeup gigs as much as possible, as my husband asked me to take a rest when the last trimester hits. My tummy's is at 18weeks already. Wow, time does fly! :)) I hope my skin will be kind enough to put make up on, but it keeps breaking out -- even on a face rest! I guess that's what you have to go through for a very rewarding blessing. :) My ultrasound will be at the end of the month to determine the gender and we're crossing our fingers for a baby boy. :D

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