Saturday, September 10, 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks

My first NYX Round lipsticks in Perfect, Chic Red and Tea

NYX Perfect and Swatch

-NYX RLS in Perfect is my perfect nude lipcolor. I dont know why but there are only one nude lipcolor that doesnt washed me out and it is Prestige's Champagne which Im having a hard time looking for. So Im glad that this comes close to it. It's perfect for smokey eyes!

NYX Chic Red and Swatch

- NYX Chic Red is a shocker for me. I thought I'll never like it because it was a little pinkier than my taste but it ends up being an adorable everyday red that wont catch way too many attention but would still make you look different. I love this color! It's a nice break from my matte reds.. I just wished they would reformulate NYX RLS and make the wear more longer because their colors are so pretty.

NYX Tea and Swatch

- I originally thought that this one is Tea Rose but I end up knowing it's different. Haha. NYX Tea is an awkward nude lipcolor for me since it makes me look older by 10 years. It have a gold undertone to it in person and that bothers me. BUT sometimes it looks way good (like with a colored smokey eyes). It's uhh... it's not a favorite and i dont really like it that much but I think this would shine it's way someday.


General Observation with NYX Round lipsticks:
- They're sooo budget friendly! For less than Php200.00 per tube, it's a good buy.
- Color range is insane!!!
- A little drying but a good lip balm underneath will fix that.
- Creamy and easy to apply.
- Staying power is poor though.
- Can enhance dryness of the lips .. so exfoliate before using!
- Be careful in using them straight from the tube, because they're really soft.

How about you, how do you find NYX lipstick range? What's your favorite shade from them?
Till next blog post :)


  1. like the chic red! where did you bought them?

  2. i got it online through Pampered Beauty in facebook, the other two nudes came from Starmaine Cay online shop in facebook too. :)

  3. Hi sis! I would like to thank you for your wonderful heart warming message on my blog... naiyak naman ako. :) thanks so much!!

    i can see that you are growing your own collection of NYX RL's. :) addicting talaga sila noh? :)

    i love your dotted FOTD. :) galing!! gayahin ko ha? :)

  4. Hi Shen. :) You're welcome! Hoping I'll meet you soon! Sayang because when you had the Clinique party my daughter needs me in her school. haha.

    Yup! I just added another 2 RLS. :) Sure sis! :) Thank you for visiting my blog :)