Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: Shawill Soft Lipliner in No.55

I was never into lip pencil or anything in pencil form to be honest. But being an aspiring makeup artist, I started collecting stuffs for my kit. Also, after makeup school I appreciate what a good lipliner can do.

I will always be on the hunt for inexpensive products as I still have a lot of stuffs in my to-buy list.

I have heard of Shawill before from my colleagues, specially their eyeshadows. So I checked it in Watson's and saw this one. Well, it's easy to spot on. With a hot pink end and being very long for a pencil, you kind of see it from the rest. Since it's dirt cheap, I decided to try it.

 Shawill Soft Lipliner in No.55


1. Lots of product for Php89.00! And it's very long too.
2. Perfect as a base for hot pink lipsticks to make the color "pop" out.
3. Easy to sharpen because it's not too creamy.
4. More hygienic than automatic lipliners since you can sharpen every time you'll use it.

1.  Drying
2. After a while (I had mine for about a month before I posted a review), the formula became drier and harder, making me tug my skin when lining.
3. It have a colored pencil scent. Seriously. :)) I could mistake it as my kid's pencil. haha

Will I repurchase this? No. I have seeral lipliners already. And I think I have enough for a while. Also, since the formula will dry up as fast you think it will, it's a total waste of money even if it's cheap. And I already declared my love for Etude House Auto Lipliners. :)

What's your recent purchase that you regret buying?
Till next blog post. :)

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