Sunday, October 16, 2011

PhotoBlog Day1 October 15 2011

I think I dont post too much personal stuff no? Well, I decided to give you guys a sneak peek at my daily life. So last saturday, after a very tiring makeup gig, I decided to meet my bestfriend Jake's girlfriend and other bestfriend in ATC.

I love these girls! It feels like we knew each other for the longest time, but! I just met them. First time! I'm so glad Jake (who I fondly call Pands), arranged this mini-date with the other two important girls in his life. :)

They also gave me a chocolate bar from Royce! And we window-shopping for a wee bit before going home.

First stop is National Bookstore. And I finally got the book I wanted to read! A small reward for being a hard-working momma lately.

Of course, ATC wouldnt be complete without a visit to PCX.
Everything was on sale except for Cinema Secrets and the nailpolishes.

So, I got skin care product to test. Because lately, my creams are too heavy for my skin. My skin is unpredictable this days! In the morning it's super dray.. but afternoon comes and my face looks like a frying pan twin!

Was curious about Elf products too! I originally wanted the blush duo and the primer but its OOS. So I got this instead .. MEH. Should've bought Ever BIlena or Fanny Serrano nalang.

So that's day1 of my Photoblog! More to come! :*

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