Saturday, March 14, 2009

MAC haul and a surprise gift from mom! :)

so here is my MAC haul last wednesday! :)
My first MAC brushes! Well, full size one since I have the brush set (i dont know which collection it was, but it have silver handles, and it came with a cute white/silver pouch!)
I've been reading/watching videos on brushes because I finally told myself that it's time to invest on good brushes! :)
MAC 239 is great. and i super love MAC 217 for blending.
Next brush? MAC 219! :)

Lyn recommended this one a long time ago, but being a noob that time, I was hesitating on buying something I (thought) wouldn't use. But when I started grooming my brows and shaping them, a brow gel became a must-have! I finished MAC brow gel in clear, and so I bought this one! And Jheng was right, it made my brows looks a lot more natural. :) This is one of my must-have now! :)

Because on my dismay with the Laura Mercier SC, im back on Studio Finish concealer in NC35! :) love this one.

This, I regret buying. I havent tried it yet but I kinda think that I should have gotten a paintpot or a shadestick instead, bummer. But let's see. I'll try it out tomorrow and will post a review afterwards. :)

And now, a surprise from mom
A mirror! :)

and a Guerlain loose powder!! :)
Though I dont like the smell, it looks so natural and this is from mom (I would never shell out 2,550pesos for a loose powder, I rather have Ellana Minerals!), and I love her for a lot of reason, but this, my friend, is like a sign that she trust me now that I wont lose my makeup mojo! :) I love you mama, thanks for supporting this addiction. :p You're the best mama! (because I have 4! hahaha, long story)

so that's it for now! :D
Coming next is:
-Lady Gaga inspired FoTD
-Coastal Scents 88 palette review: Shimmer VS Matte/Satin!

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