Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet my daughter

My friends know how irresponsible I can get, and how much I hate responsibility. During highschool, I'd hate my teachers when they make me a leader or whatever. I dont let my classmates elect me in class, I'll hate them forever if they'd do (which they did during 1st year highschool)

I was a wild child. Careless. Free. And a girl who can definitely drink with guys (I'm big with alcohol before!). I would flirt non-stop, and would steal someone's boyfriend. But like what they say, Karma's a bitch.

I was in second year college, Im with this guy who really loves me and I, stole him from a girl. Im not down with commitment, call me a bitch but that's what I am (before though). Then there's this guy who I notice from my computer subject and he was freaking cute. I've told my college friends that he will be mine! Thus, the teasing. I flirted with him and yes, I stole him from his girlfriend (again) and broke my boyfriend's heart. I invited him for my 18th birthday party and started making out. To make it short after a month, I called him mine.. and guess what? After a month again, I found out I was pregnant. I was 18, and very young.

Mom's the calm one. Dad didnt talk to me for months, after I give birth, that's the only time he did say something. "Disappointment. I told you, you can live freely not conceive! But what's done is done and we can take it back. Be a good mother". That broke my heart, but I wouldn't give up.

She was born last May 2007. Her name is Mia Amerie Yve. Her father and I broke up 2 months after I gave birth.

Everytime I fail at something, my parents would talk about responsibility. And I wasnt over the parties and everything

Until last year, around June, I overdosed and it was near-death experience for me. I saw my daughter before my eyes, and how she will suffer because of my irresponsibility. It reminded me that I'm her only parent. That I'll be the only one who can fight for her and stand up for her.

And that change everything.
Right now, she's almost 2. Big and talkative. We love eating, watching tv, watching youtube vids and shopping together. She would always make me feel good when I'm in my lowest.

Being pregnant at 18, is something Im not proud of. But my daughter is someone I will always be proud of. Despite everything that my heart when through, she gave me reason to fight for life. She's my inspiration!

Im 20, and a single mom. And very proud of it! :)
Amerie, mama will make you proud! I love you baby!


  1. woooooaaaahhhhh may baby ka na? :D

    hindi halata :D

    ang cute ng anak mo ako din gusto ko na mag ka baby :D

  2. awwww...
    you really should be proud!

    Lots of women wanted to have babies but are having a hard time conceiving included -> T_T

    That's God's gift to you


  3. gosh sis! Thanks so much for sharing your story, you are a TRUE WOMAN! You know your mistakes and you are not "plastic" or afraid to share to the world about it! I am sure Amerie will grow up to be a kind and wonderful person who knows what her mom has gone through :)

  4. @ Sis Aika, i get that a lot since I'm so childish. Minsan my friends would tease me na niloloko ko lang sila na I have a baby na! or they would give me weird snares when they saw me with my baby since it's not like me to be responsible. haha, anyways thank you sis! :)

    @Thiamere, pray to God. It'll come around when you lease expect it! :D

    @Nikki, thank you! :) Well, someone once told me that the first step to maturity is to learn to accept who you really are. Embrace it and when you know it's wrong, make something out of it and make things better! :)

  5. She's lovely :).
    And you're a great mother, or seem to be one from this at least :). Those 2 last paragraphs really are inspiring, and I'm happy to have you as a friend, really :).

  6. you go girl! sometimes, we need something special to happen for us to see what are the things that matter to us most. i know that no matter what, you love your daughter very much! more power to you!

  7. sis, past is past. we can only learn from it! :) i'm sure you can use all that spunk and strength to be someone great that your daughter will be proud of. not only because you're her mom. :) just don't show her your makeup stash too much else she'll borrow it too soon that you can think. :) hehehehe!

  8. @ Cris, she really is lovely. Im glad to have you as a friend too :D

    @Crystal, thank you for your words sis. Well, it sometimes troubles me when I think about the future. I will hate it if she'll hate me for not sticking with her dad. :(

    @Shen, hahaha, actually I think she have that side na! I have to take care where I put my lipstick kasi she'll grab it and put it on her lips! haha :)

  9. oh wow. thanks for sharing your story. your baby's really cute! im sure you'll make her proud :)