Monday, March 30, 2009

On Allergies, Crashing laptop and recent haulage

Hi everyone. I havent been doing fotds lately because I'm having bad allergies from:
a) moisturizer (TFS)
b) the recent weather
c) so much pollution.
I have this skin condition, it's called Atopic Dermatitis or also known as Skin Asthma. My derma is always successful in controlling unwanted rashes on my face and body. But sometimes, being too hard headed, I forget to put my creams and try different face creams (I'm currently using Avene, this works for me hands down). Right now, she's asking me to take my other cream and continue using Avene. Guess what? hahaha, I just bought a Clinique 3 step skin thingymajigy from Duty Free last Saturday. She said it's ok, and it's good that I bought it in trial size, so if any reaction occurs, I could stop. :)

Garnier Eye Roll-on made my eyes sore. I'm allergic to it. Blah. Im not allergic to caffeine either because MAC's fast response eye cream works really well. So, whatever it is, I'm stopping. :p

My laptop finally crashed. I'm going to have it fix, put a new "memory" or whatever because it's running really slow. So no pictures for now.

Recent haul is small. I dropped by yesterday at MAC to buy On A Prowl n/p until I decided to get Orly nalang since I use a nail color once or twice only. I went back to MAC to get Expensive Pink since I want it. :) So, yeah. I'll get back as soon as my allergies is gone. :D toodles.


  1. I hope your skin gets better...Are you allergic to makeup too?

  2. @URY, thankfully, no! :) I dont get breakouts from makeup (well, most of the time). Weather, food and harsh face cleanser/toner/moisturizer can kill my buzz. :)

    Cris, thank you! :)

  3. aww i hope your skin gets better!!!!