Friday, April 3, 2009

Random 10 things about me!! :)

Ok, it's 6 in the morning and my daughter woke me up about an hour ago for a diaper change, and since I have this thing when I wake up it'll be hard to sleep again. So I decided to let you know more about me

1. I'm a first born. But being spoiled like the baby. (Though I get my fair share of nos and sermons from mom, and a couple from my step-dad but never on my real dad, he's such a spoiler!! hhaha i love it)

2. I went into a drinking and smoking phase, and came to a point where I had enough of my craps and deal with life.

3. I have pre-mature wrinkles in my under eye because I rub my eyes too much when I was a kid (to teen actually, I just stopped rubbing my eyes during college days when I become so conscious with my look. though, it's a habit, im trying really hard not to)

4.I'm a pastry student! Yes, I bake for passion and love for anything sweet (and sour). I love baking and I collect cookie cutters! :) My forte is chocolate piping.

5. I have a love affair with intricate details! :) When you see me in a museum, I'll probably be looking closely to very details and curve. I'm an artist to be exact. I love to draw and colors are lovelovelove, hnce makeup artistry and Pastry Art are my love!

6. I've been suspended once in highschool because I fake an ID for the final exams. (My school is corrupt! haha they wont let you take any exams unless you have an ID, and I misplace mine all the time. haha)

7. My daughter is everything in my world. The only thing I didnt gave up on. Yes, she made me that strong. Dspite everything I lack, she makes me believe that I can with her by my side.

8. Much like my dad, I'm a spoiler!! I spoil my little sisters a lot! My youngest sis, can get her way always!! Sometimes it makes me tick-off and spank her in her hands but when she's crying I'll cry in guilt!

9. I took Algebra 3times in college. I was thqat bad in math! hahahahaha. The only time I "passed" in Algebra is when they remove the subject in my course!! HAHAHAHAHA. Th teacher even teased me about this. and I still laugh about this until now. haha

10. I was bitched all my life by girls. They find me intimidating and snob and always "bragging". They always interpret me in the opposite way. I'm really shy and I hate being the first one to approach because I have this feeling they wont smile/talk back. And with the bragging issue? I dont really get it. Half of my class during first year college didnt talk to me for one sem (I transferred school after) because a group of girls was acting like kids and saying I was bragging my things by bringing them to school. When does bringing a bag to school became a bragging? Or always bringing a stuff toy in class a stupid idea? My school is an hour away from home and I sleep on the car while travelling. I swear, up until now it can get to my nerves! One time I bought a cheap canvas tote bag to school, and guess what that girls told me? I'm trying to get sympathy from the boys (because they're the only ones who would hangout w me or accompany me during lunchs) by bringing cheap bags. wtf.

Ok. haha
Skin Update: doing well. One more week and I'm good to go! :)
I want "taho" badly. When was the last time you ate taho? Our village wont let taho vendors in. So, the last time I ate taho is 3 years. eek.


  1. I had taho just yesterday morning! right in front of our office building..sorry... :D

    Thanks for sharing stuffs about you :) it made me get to know you more! and I like it :)

  2. Cheer up...They were probably just jealous :).
    High school is rarely a pleasant phase of one's life...Certainly wasn't for me.

  3. wow...
    im also bad in in i even got a whopping zero once on a monthly exam...hehehe

    i was able to watch a program before about penk ching & she is so amazing...
    a combination of artistry & baking...
    since you love arts...& are into details..
    im pretty sure one day you will be successful too!


  4. you made me crave for taho! haha i havent eaten one for about a year already. anyways, i'll take a hint. you study either in CCA or ISCAHM? my sister graduated culinary at ISCAHM :)

  5. makeupdweeb, ISCAHM!! haha. im a trainee of Chef Babaran. :)