Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation

I have this for quite a while, and I've been using this more than my MAC Studio Fix.
Here's my two cents about this foundation
(im doing this review, base on personal experience, and what I experience from school when using this foundation)

1. It's full coverage. You need so little of this! Sometimes, I can save some concealer since this will cover up everything. :)
2. It looks soooo natural! I'll try to post a picture for reference (I'll post it this afternoon if I'm in the mood to play with makeup.)
3. This is the best part for me since I really love cuddling with my baby! IT DOESNT STAIN YOUR CLOTHES!! :) Unlike my MAC which sticks on everything even if I set it right!

1. The price! It's Php 1950 if my memory serves me right.
2. It sets quickly.
3. Hard to blend when used without a primer.

(FOR REFERENCE AGAIN, my skin is combination-dry. So, I dont pretty much have trouble on it creasing or my face being oily.)

Since this sets quickly, act fast! This works better with a Flat Foundation brush than the stippling brush. Of course, with the Flat foundation brush you'll get streaks, so to aid this: even out the application with a sponge. :)

Will I buy it again? YES! because I love it so much. :) This MIGHT be my hg foundation. :)


  1. I have heard nothing but great stuff about MUFE products :)

  2. wow...

    im not a liquid foundation user...but ill keep a note of this product

  3. pricey huh? i agree with nikki, there are so much raves about MUFE.

  4. yeah pricey...what I have is the HD foundie and it's really good =D

  5. @ Nikki, sis! they do have great products hence the price. I really like their foundation and concealers. :)

    @Thiamere, please do, it's a great product

    @Crystal, I know! But I rather shell some extra bucks for this than buy a Studio Fix (1500) because it cakes like hell on me. :( and it stings sometimes!

    @URY, we were told that the HD foundation is BEST for people who have clear complexions. And it's sheer. Since you have great skin, this is suiting you well no? :) Im going to try it out soon after I recover from my tuition fee. haha. :)