Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I learned: Day 3 and Day 4

We're back in school last monday. :)

So Day3.
Eye shape and Lip Correction.

Tip #1: For droopy/hooded lids, blend the eyeshadow towards the temples as this "lifts" the eye.
Tip #2: For VERY small lids, put a shimmery color to open the eyes.
Tip #3: This is not new, but line your lower lashline with white eyeliner to open the eyes. :)

with the lip correction, that's easy. If the lips are thin, line your lips outside the natural line (and blend of course). Thick, inside. :)

Day 4. Day 4 is about Maquillage du Joir (meaing, Day Make Up)

- USE PRIMER. specially, in the Philippines where the climate is very humid. You dont want your foundation to slid off in the middle of the day.
- You dont have to stick to neutral eye colors! Salmon Pink, Light Yellow, Gold, Bronze .. etc. :)
- here's my personal touch in this day. I lined the eyes with Aqua Liner in Light Brown, flick the lashes, and apply Smokey Lash Mascara! Instant awake look! :)
- Blush on plays a big role on day makeup! Keep it fresh and natural looking. :) I find NARS Orgasm perfect! anything with little shimmer on it. :)

Hope you enjoy this. :) I'll try to post my makeup school pictures tomorrow. I have to clean my brushes first and sponges for Day 5! (OMG! 8 sessions to go. sad)


  1. great tips..
    i love them all!

    do you know what NARS blush is not shimmery?
    im not into shimmers & i've been looking for a NARS blush that is matte...
    do you think Laguna is matte?

  2. can't wait to see photos of your schooling :)

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing what you're learning! I can't wait to see photos.

    Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I'm gonna follow. If you have the time I hope you check mine out too!

  4. isn't nars orgasm great? i don't have it but i have a dupe! i've tried the orig though. thanks for sharing what you learned!

  5. Hi Carewears! Super ok ba sa MUFE? I just talked to Ms Angie yesterday and she said batch 11's gonna start on May 13 na. I can't choose bet CAS and MUFE.

  6. Hello, Thiamere, Laguna is bronzer and it's not matte. I dont know if there's a matte blush in NARS but I think MAC have one.

    Chrissy, thank you for following mine. Ill sure drop by. :)

    Crystal, yes! I use it everyday. What dupe are you using? :) I want to try that one out since Im scared I might run out of Orgasm (because the price is kinda steep and im recovering from the tuition fee I shelled out for my makeup school. haha)

    URY, yes! super light ng mga tao. Well, you're not pressured to learn but you are going to be inspired! :) Pero if you want a reason to haul to build your makeup kit na, go for CAS. I havent started buying my stuffs for my makeup traincase yet because we practically have anything we need for my makeup school sa MUFE. :)

  7. Thanks! I'll prolly go for MUFE =D I heard they offer internship for the qualified ones eh. Sana qualified ako if ever haha