Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What I learned: Day 2

Yesterday we are taught about face and eyebrow shape correction.
So let me start by telling you what happened. I sucked with eyebrow shaping!! I swear, it's the hardest of all! and contouring using liquid foundation is the second. Over-all, this sesh is the hardest as this make or break a look.

I was ok with contouring, I just need a little tweaking. With eyebrow shaping, I have to practice more and Ms Monica is the lightest and bubbliest MUA I have ever talked to. You are not pressured to do well or whatev. She and the MUFE staff in Bonifacio High Street is easy to get a long with. :)

So here are the random tips for this sesh! :)

Tip 1: Contour = to "cut"/"shorten" a feature. Highlight = to emboss a feature.
Where will you put contouring? Sides of the nose. Cheekbones, middle of the ear towards the lip area. Jawline. And sides of the forehead towards the temples.

Tip 2: You can also contour under the lip, to make the chin show. (I hope you can get it, Im really bad at describing things and any sort of describing actually. haha)

and last tip: Never over tweeze your brows!! It's a no-no.

another trivia Ms Monica (our MUA teacher) gave us: Oprah said the term PLUCKING shouldn't be use because plucking is for chickens! It's called TWEEZING. :)

that's all. Picture of my model, coming right up! :)

Eyebrows are done by Ms Monica because I was having a hard time shaping eyebrows. :( Isn't my model look so pretty and with the contouring? :) (Sorry for looking like a mess. haha. Im gaining so much weight. sad sad)


  1. thanks for the tips!
    ill make sure i remember that..
    im learning lots of things everytime i read your blog.

    yeah, your model does look so pretty...
    you did a good job on the nose.
    was well contoured!

    same with look so pretty.
    love that black & white bangle!

  2. yey for you! i so wish that i can take MUFE classes too but 30k is something i can't afford right now :P keep us updated!

  3. You look pretty ^_^! If that's what you look like when you've gained weight, you're lucky :-P, lol.

  4. Lucky you, I wish I could do a makeup course too anyway nice blog :)
    check mine?

  5. oh wow! your model's so pretty. i say, good job on the contouring! :) i'm having a hard time with the eyebrows too. need to practice more. huhu :( anyways its fun to hear someone talk about similar experiences. i have a friend who's taking classes at CAS naman. i'll try to post notes too :D