Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I learned: DAY1

so im here to share random things/tips that I learned from school (in every sesh.)

Tip 1: The distance between you and your client should be a brush length
Tip 2: As much as possible, never touch the client's face (put your hand in her head, or your hand resting on her cheeks during eye makeup application)
Tip 3: POSTURE! POSTURE! POSTURE!. As Ms Yuki said, "i-project mo!" (haha, Ms Yuki is so funny!! I love her and the MUFE staff! They are so bubbly and light!)
Tip 3: PRIMER is a must for a clean canvas! :)

actually, I learned a lot and improved my techniques in base application.
The hardest part to blend is the nose area!! Ms Yuki have to assist me in blending that part.
What I love about day 1? Knowing MUFE's products! sometimes, there are products that are not in the shelf, so ask them! :)

HAVE UNDER EYE DISCOLORATION WITH WRINKLES OR FINE LINES? Conceal it with a orange corrector, then use MUFE's LIFT CONCEALER in your color and set with powder! :)
My concealers usually sink into fine lines, but when my classmate put it on me, I was amaze that I'm going to buy this concealer soon! It's the most amazing thing ever. Goodbye MAC, I met my soulmate (concealer that is. I cannot let go of my MAC e/s addiction just yet! :P)

Though I feel so guilty about wasting latex sponges and puffs. (Because they're not biodegradable.) :(

Till next class (which is tomorrow! I miss school already. boohoo.)


  1. You found your perfect concealer yay :D!
    And thanks for the info :)...Keep posting these, they're the next best thing to actually taking a make-up course ;).

  2. congrats on finding your 'soulmate'..lol

    but really,its great that you found the perfect concealer for you...im still on the lookout though.

    looks like it really is a very fun class!

  3. im intrigued with the concealer. wondering how much more expensive it is than MAC. LOL

  4. sounds like you had the best time! and yay for loving the concealer. I love MUFE concealer so creamy and yet non oily :) Can't wait to read more on your adventure!