Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I couldnt resist! :p

At least to blog and inform everyone, im still alive! HAHA. :)

So, recently I've been busy with makeup school and some vacation (good old drinking/chill sessions and a beach getaway with my bff).

Makeup school has been taking a lot of time. It's my Day 12. and by friday, it's my last day na (sad). But that means, I can upload the pictures from my class. I'll surely miss all MUFE makeup. But I need to branch out to other brands now (I heard Shu have small classes? that I have to try).

I'm loving the MUFE Eyebrow Corrector in 0. It is the most wonderful thing ever that had happened to me since MAC brow set in Girl Boy (which is sitting lonely nowadays, because I usually fix my brows in school.). Though the Eyebrow Corrector is out of stock. Recommendations? Buy the color in 0. It is almost for everyone. But if you're building a makeup kit, buy 0 and 3. So you can mix colors to suit everyone. =)

Whatelse ... humm. I heard the small MAC (and last haul, until I recover from MUFE's makeup school) haul I bought from a friend arrived! I want to go back in Laguna asap to pay for them na and get them (MAC 222 BRUSH!!!! yey.) I also have Gift Voucher from MUFE worth 3k. The fucking falsies (which cost a lot, 1,000+php) is calling my name. must resist!

Does anyone know what collection is out in MAC counters na? I must save na. I need to start building my makeup traincase and start doing portfolios now!! :)

Btw, I'm always happy in school because my teachers always compliment how clean the blending of the eyeshadows is! :) I just need more practice on nose contouring and im done (yes, my eyebrow technique had improved well! :D)


  1. wow!
    i missed you..
    im used to seeing you post every now & then

    but im glad to know that you are doing well & enjoyed school

    congrats on your blending!

  2. Yay, I'm glad you are still here and you're back! Sounds like you are having a really fun and busy summer. :)

  3. yey can't wait for the pics. I enrolled at Basement Academy na lang *sched probs* hehe