Friday, April 24, 2009

Before and After Pics and What I learned: Day 5

day 5 is about night makeup. so here's what I learned that day
Tip #1: Yellow lighting diffuses/wash outs the color. :)
other than that, eye makeup is always the focal point in night makeup. smokey, vivid colors will do. :)

So here's the pictures. Sorry, im really not in the mood to blog because Im having the worst hangover ever (and I dont get hangover from alcohol, just from drinking too much coffee.)

Day 4: Maquillage du Joir (Day Makeup)

Before and After
Model: Roseann Timbal
For day makeup, we keep it fresh and enhance the features only. :)

Day 5: Maquillage du Soir (Evening makeup)

Before and After
Model: Tin

Silly me forgot to take a picture of the eyemakeup.
But I used a shimmery deep purple with black star powder on the crease and highlight. :)

there you go for now. :)


  1. hey! thanks for sharing before and after shots! they are gorgeous! You go girl!! I am proud of you for pursuing what you love to do :)

  2. great job care, especially the night makeup. love it!

  3. care, the wolverine comment was mine! i didn't realize that the comp. was logged in as another user.

  4. i love the evening look :) the eyes are very dramatic ^_^

  5. Wow, you do great work! :D That night look is hot too.

  6. oh wow. i love the evening look! really nice of you for sharing the before and after pics. :)