Saturday, January 23, 2010

CARE reviews: MAC lipstick in Russian Red

Anyone who know me personally knows how much I love red lipsticks! I was searching for the perfect red lipstick that will stay after a few drinks and a few cigs.

I was aiming for Ruby Woo, but then Lyn from MAC (Glorietta) said Russian Red will suit me better. And since she aced the perfect foundation color, I trusted her and got the Russian Red .. and it never leaved my purse ever since! :)

Russian Red

Lip Swatch

What I like:
1. Its staying power is AMAZING! I was on my fifth or sixth stick and still, my lipstick still look as if I just put it on. :)
2. Super pigmented
3. Flattering color (I'm NC35 for reference.)

What I dont like:
1. The price. (BUT it's worth it!)
2. Since it's matte formula, it's really drying.

1. Exfoliate and put balm before putting this on! :D

Will I buy it again? YES! I'm buying a back up! :D
Though, if you can suggest any red lipstick, please do! (What I look for a red lipstick? MATTE and bright. :p)


  1. Looks really good on you!! I wish I could wear red lipstick in public, but I'm not confident enough to call attention to myself. Haha.

  2. Russian Red looks great on you. I think you'll like Dubonnet too...:)

  3. i personally use mac red & i really feel so sexy when i do. It's already a statement by itself.

    Though mac red is a satin formula, but i think its better because its not as drying as matte lipsticks.


  4. I own this and I love this too! :)

  5. Looks great on you! I'll have to try it myself :)

  6. @Chrissy, it is really attenti0n grabing!! g00d thing my friends are used t0 this :))
    @Crissy, ill try that next time I g0 t0 MAC :)
    @Thiamere, thanks! I saw the swatch, and im lemming real bad!
    @Nikki, perfect f0r retr0/pin-up/vintage sh00ts n0? :)
    @R0ckthatl00k, try it! :) Im pretty sure y0u'll l0ve it t00 :D