Sunday, May 15, 2011

MAC Chromagraphic Liner

MAC Chromagraphic Liner

I can now say, I finally own a MAC Pro item! Last year, when MAC Pret a Papier collection was launch, I was so broke. I was really craving for the blush and of course, the chromagraphic liner. I thought I would never have the chance to get the pencil until I saw a friend like a page in facebook last month, MAC FOR LESS. And when I saw FOR LESS, you know how fast I clicked the link and like it.

I had some doubt about it, but I still insisted that I try and Im glad I did. A month after (it was a pre-order), my pencils arrived! And oh how much I begged the seller to have this pre-order again (they told me they MIGHT do it again next year! Plenty of time to save up girls! Their prices are off the hook!)

As soon as I received the package, I tore it like a mad woman, swatched the product and try it on.

I'M SO INLOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT!!!! I never like lining my waterline because it hurts my eye, but this did not. I dont really like this as a concealer though, but I use it as my highlight's base (eye).

Here is a mini-review:

- looks pretty natural than using a white eyeliner to look awake!
- a versatile product. can be used as a liner, a base, a concealer and lipliner.
- creamy! no tugging of the eyes!

- this is not ideal to use as a concealer if you have wrinkly bags like mine, they settle into lines.
- staying power is not good! :(
- not available locally, and not available through free standing mac store unless they have it in a collection.
- local price is expensive! Php950!

Will I buy it again? Uhh, after I finish my two pencils! Haha. I love them so much I bought two!

Oh, did I told you how much I got this? 850! I cant wait for Bev and Rica (Mac For Less' sellers) to have this pre-order again. :)


  1. Ganda mo girl!! :) out of topic pero ganda ng photos mo :)

  2. Thanks girl! Pero photogenic lang ata ako no! haha.

  3. Haha funny! I also ordered my Chromagraphic pencil from them! Saya nila noh! waiting for the 3rd batch! =D