Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rainbow Eyes

Finally, a fun look. :) I decided to use my Ben Nye Cream Color palette just because I know there would be a little chance that I'll use them on shoots since Im doing mostly beauty and bridal makeups plus Im still thinking if I should pursue this career because of the sudden boom of the makeup industry (not a bad thing though because I love talking about makeup with other people! And sharing finds and rants about products. That's the reason why I started blogging about makeup anyways). But for the meantime, let me give you a different kind of look today. :)


James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation in CF05.
Ben Nye Setting Powder

Ben Nye Cream Color palette's Yellow (base)
Ben Nye Cream Color palette's red mixed with the yellow to make an orange (base)
NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink (base)
MAC Prep and Prime Eye in Medium as an over-all primer because the cream creases ALL THE TIME, even if you set it with a powder. sucks.

And I finally got the chance to use my Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette! haha

Stila Smudgepot in Black
Shawill False lashes
Avon Eyebrow Pencil in Brown

Smashbox lipgloss in Illume

That's it. :)
Give some lovin' and comment below. :)

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