Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

In2 It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

As a makeup artist, you tend to test products a lot and find makeups that can come close to other expensive brands. As a blogger, I want to try different things to help some girls who are on a budget or finding an alternative.

My brow addiction started when I first saw how my instructors from MakeUp For Ever do theirs. They would always compliment my eye color, but always comment about the brows. This pushed me more. And I wanna thank them for an intensive training and honest opinions. I would practice day and night to get that fresh-from-the-magazine brows, and despite trying different products, I still always go back to powder eyebrow color.

But my Bobbi Brown has finally hit it's pan and I know it wont be long before I finish the lightest color. So, I end up looking for an alternative while I'm still saving up for replenishment. Then Liz of Projectvanity.ph came to the rescue and saw her recent brow routine. So when I went to the mall, I didnt think twice in getting this product.

(L-R): In2It Lightest color, Bobbi Brown's Sable, In2It Medium Color, BB Mahogany and In2It darkest color.

1. Inexpensive! At Php299.00, you could never go wrong with this
2. Has a mirror. It's not as big as the Bobbi Brown's but it still works.
3. Smooth color. And not chalky.
4. Middle color is love.
5. Obviously, it comes close to my BB Brow Kit in terms of pigmentation, staying power and smoothness.
6. Will work with different hair colors.

1. The free brush. I threw this out since I love to use MAC 266 for my brows.
That's it! Im going to use this as my brow powder from now on.
This would last me years to finish. :)


  1. I missed my love for brow powders as I got into eyebrow pencils recently! Thanks for sharing this, not bad the shades!

  2. i read a lot of good things about this! i still have some brow powders to finish though :)

  3. @Nikki - I love your brow pencil review! Especially the ones from korea.

    Crystal - It's a good product to try if you're in a budget or just looking for a cheaper alternative. :)