Friday, September 30, 2011

The 'No Makeup' Makeup Look

Modelling by: Aica Tizon
Photographed by: Carlo Magno
Makeup and Styling by: Carla Gumin :)

Can you believe she's wearing makeup? :) I personally am more of a beauty/au naturale makeup artist than a fashion makeup artist. I love that Aica have clear skin.

But you too can achieve that 'no makeup' makeup look.

My key points here are:
1. PRIME! Cleanse your face, prime your face with a moisturizer or a primer to keep it matte and to have that barrier to protect your face from the makeup products. Prime your lips too with lip balm.
2. Conceal. Conceal discoloration and pigmentation. And blend well with the skin.
3. Use a translucent setting powder to set your concealer.
4. If you must contour, contour very lightly.
5. For the eye makeup, I only contoured the hallows of her eyesocket and tightline for that made-up look.
6. Use a cream blusher for a natural look and blend well.
7. Make the brows neat, but not too polished. Or else it would look fake or too made-up.
8. Curl those lashes!! This is an important step as we're not wearing any false lashes. It opens the eye more.
9. Coat your lashes with mascara, just one coat and you're done. Dont over do it. Clumpy is not natural. =)

The most important step in this makeup is priming and of course taking good care of your skin. :)

I hope you find this helpful! :)


  1. Love how you did her Makeup. She's so pretty!

  2. Chicgurl, yes she is! It helped na she's naturally makinis and the skin tone.. filipinang filipina. :)

    Thanks Kym!! :)