Thursday, September 15, 2011

To the man who changed me...

To the gatecrasher at my 19th birthday
To the neighbor of my bestfriend during grade school
To a friend who always scold me for my choice in men
To the guy who didnt let me go when he saw me after not seeing me for 3 years
To the first guy who courted my mom and my daughter
To the boyfriend everyone was shocked about
To the sudden father who didnt think twice about keeping the baby but instead smiled like a donkey
To the man who held me during my darkest
Or to the man who shared my happiest moments
To my once-we-planned-to-be-friends-with-benefits-but-i-ended-up-falling-inlove-friend who is now my husband ...

I love you.
And I miss you.
The distance is killing me, but I end up surviving because I know in the end there will be you.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for loving my daughter. And for gracing my life with another youngster. I love you baby. I cant wait to be wrapped in your arms again. And to feel you whisper in my ear and brush my hair. Until that day, I will wait. I love you so much Domecq.

(We are wearing our jammies! haha. At Sonya's Garden Tagaytay)


  1. This is so sweet! ^__^ It's really difficult to be away from someone you love. More power to you and your husband! <3

  2. Ang sweet!!!! ang cute mo on telling us you guys are wearing jammies! Tuloy, napaisip ako lalo! hahahah JOKE :) Great weekend dear

  3. Hi Morbidfrank, it is really difficult :( anyways, thank you! :)

    Nikki, haha! I got violent reactions from my friends kasi nung nakita nila to. haha.