Saturday, October 1, 2011

30 Days of Halloween: Green with Envy

Halloween season is near again! :) And there are lots of reason to be creative.
I've been going around on what to do for Halloween since I wont probably go out this year (again. sigh)
And since I cant go and make my friends' faces. I'm going to blog about different makeup ideas you can do for Halloween .. for the whole month! :)

So for this week, Im going to do a series of powerful comic book women like:

Poison Ivy
This is a simple and wearable Poison Ivy makeup. This is actually an FoTD, hence being wearable. 
Put on a red wig, and you're good to go. :)

1. Prep your eye with a primer.
2. Start with a lime green eyeshadow (I used my 88 eyeshadow palette, matte) and put it at the center of your lid, blending the sides.
3. Next, with a pencil/smudge brush, go for a deeper green (or as my daughter would describe the color, "forest green") and start winging the eyeshadow. Dont forget to bring the color down to your lowerlashline and blend it with the lime green color.
4. Now, with a white or pale green color, deposit some in your tearducts and blend with the lime green. Use this color as your highlight too.
5. With a gel liner, draw a very graphic wingedliner, following the eyeshadow
6. Curl your lashes and put mascara or use a false lashes :)
7. Put on some pink nude lipgloss
And you're done:)

Please forgive my face's texture. The sudden change of weather is taking toll on me. :(

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