Sunday, October 2, 2011

30 Days of Halloween: Catwoman

Another one to our comic book series. One of my favorites:

There is something so sexy and special with this comic book character.
I think most guys will agree with me that there are two things that makes them head-over-heels with a girl:
1. Confidence
2. Believes that sexy is an attitude not a dress size.

 And who wouldn't be confident in wearing a bright red lipstick? Or a dark smokey eyes?

  • Start by priming your eyes. I used Etude House Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer. You can opt for a black eyeliner as a base.
  • Using a black matte eyeshadow (I used MAC Carbon), pat it on your lids.
  • Take a fluffy blending brush and blend it to your crease, going lighter as you go upwards.
  • Build up your color in your lashline, and bring it to your lower lashline. Remember in smokey eyes, you dont want your skin underneath to show up, so build up until you like the intensity of the color.
  • Now, with a matte white eyeshadow (like MAC Vanilla), put it on your brow bone and blend with the rest of the blended black color.
  • Line your eyes, flicking at the end for that cat eye look.
  • Curl your lashes. Put on mascara. Or use a false lash if preferred.
  • Move to your lips and line it with a bright red lip liner such as NYX Plush Red.
  • After lining and filling in, top it over with a bright red like MAC's Russian Red.
  • Contour your cheeks.
- Put a thick layer of unblended loose powder under your eyes to catch the fallouts.
- OR do your foundation after the eyemakeup. :)
- For an intense and deep smokey eyes, use a black eyeliner as a base

And you're done. :)

I actually have a video tutorial on this. But my internet is kind of crappy nowadays because of the typhoon. BUT I wont complain as there are hundreds of Filipino suffering from this typhoon and Im lucky that we are safe.

I wonder what comic book character should I do tomorrow? I tried doing a "STORM" makeup. Then my husband told me I looked like "THE UNDERTAKER" when I flip my eyes backwards. :)) Yes, I have a weird talent. haha

Till next post! :)

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