Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Basics: Basic brushes that you must have in your kit!

I used to use my fingers and sponge applicators to put makeup on. And it looks so ugly. Too cakey. To harsh. Too .. i dont know, just too ugly. haha.

I remember buying stuffs because when the makeup artist at the counter would put them on me, it looks so pretty, but when I go home to my crappy fingers and sponge applicators, I can never pull out what  the makeup artist did.

Then 5 years ago, I was handed my own Bobbi Brown brushes from my mom. And it changed the way I put my makeup on. It made me look so much better. And the application not messy, hygienic and professional looking.

And I when I was in makeup school, I start building my brush  collection. And I swear I cannot put makeup on without my brushes. Even to myself.

So today, Im going to share to you the basic brushes that you must have in your kit. :)


Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush 
A flat paddle shape brush that is usually made out synthetic bristles because it doesnt "eat" much foundation than animal hairs. It's also recommended (synthetic bristles) for sensitive skin.
- If you're in a rush and you just need to have a quick layer of foundation to even out your skin tone, this is your bestfriend. Although it wouldn't be ideal for spot concealing that's why the next brush is an essential for girls who have dark undereyes or pimples to conceal.

Charm Concealer Brush
A flat synthetic brush that looks like your foundation brush's child. It is for spot concealing and used for places that your foundation brush can't reach (like side of the nose and under eye).

- I love this brush so much. I got it in Saint James Bazaar last year. I wouldn't lie I was so starstrucked when I saw Sophie Uy of Beautynomics. (She's so pretty!) I've bought lots of concealer brush for the last 5 years. High-end to low-end. It's either too little, too short, too stiff (ouchie) or too expensive that still doesnt work. But I wont give up since I have to find that perfect fit. And this brush is soooo perfect. It's not too stiff, but not too soft. It's also synthetic. And the bristles are perfect for undereye.
It doesnt streak the concealer. That i also used this for foundation. :)

Here's a proof that I abused it so much (PS: I only deep clean my brushes because I like using a clean brush. Imagine how beaten my brushes from all those washing!):
 The paint is peeling off. Eek. Have to change it soon.

Suesh Angled Blush Brush (from the 28pcs set)
Who doesn't love blush-ons right? I think blush is one of the first few makeup that I had.
This brush is perfect because it's angled. It can be used as a contouring tool too.
Also, this is way better than those brushes that comes with blush-on as this is soft.

Flat Shader Brush (MAC 239)
A densely packed eyeshadow brush that is perfect for packing on color on your lids.
Tip: Pat on your eyeshadow than sweeping it. It packs on more color and prevents fall out. :)

Throw those sponge thingy applicators. Not only it becomes dirty after a few use, it also encourage bacteria build up because you use it all the time yet you dont wash it. This is also a reason why some people have muddy eyeshadow on their lids, especially if you used it on different eyeshadows.

Blending Brush (MAC 217)
A multi-tasker! It can be used to blend harsh line, depostit color on the crease and can used as a shader brush. YOU MUST HAVE A BLENDING BRUSH! Blend those harsh lines to look more polished.

Angled Liner Brush (MAC 266)
Lining your peepers is one step you dont wanna miss because this complete the whole eye makeup. Also, if you applied it the right way, it can make your eyes look more awake.

This is another multi-tasker brush. I use this as my eyeliner brush or as a brow brush.
The angled bristles makes it easier to apply a thin line of eyeliner.
This one is made out of animal hair. The synthetic version of this is MAC 263. :)

Suesh Brow Brush
Brows frame the face, no matter how good your makeup is if your brows are crappy, it would bring the whole makeup down. So one of your essentials is a brow brush. This one from suesh is pretty good. It's short enough and stiff enough.

Suesh Lip Brush with cover.

A lip brush is perfect to keep those glosses and lipstick bacteria free. Also this helps in putting lipsticks on precisely than putting it on straight from the tube.
Use the cover as a spatula to grab a small amount of your lipstick.
Remember to sanitize the inside of the cover every day to prevent product build up and bacteria.

So there you go.
My basic brushes for everyday use. :)
How about you, what are your essential makeup brush(es)?

Till next post.
Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for this. Was attempting to buy a brush a week ago and ended up getting confused. Haha!