Sunday, October 30, 2011


And here's another video tutorial! I'm getting hooked on this. I love makeup, and I love sharing my makeup tips and tricks, and I think blogging and making vid tutorial is my way of sharing it to everyone.

I ordered some Ben Nye products because I needed some stuffs (for contouring). And we had a open shoot last October 22 and I thought the peg would call for a glitter, so I grabbed one too. But it turns out, I dont need it. So the "Katy Perry" in me decided to use it on a fotd (and a shameless excuse so that she wont have buyer's remorse. haha)

Pardon my eyebrows as I'm growing them to re-shape it again. I think they're too thin now. Havent plucked for 2weeks, and it's driving me nuts. haha. Anyways, I hope you guys would like this video. Please please please subscribe! Thank you everyone. :)


  1. your eyes look super pretty Care! as in! Very expressive :) Great job

  2. I love the colors! Great Job, Care! :)

  3. Thank you sis NIkki and Morbidfrank! :)