Monday, October 31, 2011

REVIEW: Ben Nye Powder Rouge Contour 2

We all know contouring is an important step in makeup.And finding the perfect contouring shade is hard. Before I would use that 6 pcs palette from Coastal Scents to contour, but it's too reddish on our Asian skin. So, when I went to MAC I asked if they have a contour powder, and they gave me Studio Fix in NC45. And since I highly look after MAC muas, I purchased it and start using it as my contour powder. It's alright for NC30-35 skin but not with NC20, because it's too orangey! I know Makeup Forever have a sculpting kit, but I havent had a chance to drop by in BHS lately.

And I'm so happy that a seller in multiply is holding a Ben Nye pre-order! I quickly placed an order with this and 3 more product. And was glad I made the right choice(s). I'm officially a Ben Nye fan.

The packaging is rubberized (like those from NARS') and is sturdy. If I'm not mistaken, you can depot this and put it in a palette.

Super pigmented! Super soft and buttery.
Although I noticed, using a bigger contour brush made the product blotchy.
My remedy? My ever-so-trusty MAC 217! Took time thought, but I love how natural it looks.
Be careful though as this one is very pigmented.
Dab it on the back of your hands first before applying. :)

Mine lasted for the whole day. And I was outside in the scorching sun because of the openshoot.

Php400 + Shipping fee.

If I run out, probably. :)

Over-all rating:
4 out of 5 stars.

Till next blog post! :)

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