Monday, December 26, 2011

Pin-Up Girl Makeup Tutorial + Holiday greetings!

Hi Everyone.
First of all I want to greet you a merry merry christmas. I know I've been MIA here, but im somehow more active in youtube lately. Because I suck at describing products, I decided to just put some demonstration on how it works.

So, how's the holiday so far?
Me and my kids spent it by having a fastfood take out and watched tons of cartoons and slept like bears.
And they gave me a gift I've been wanting for quite some time now, SLEEP. Like really deep sleep. because they behaved well. and I love them for that.

Here's something I did at the morning of Christmas Eve before I head out with my kids.

And a fruitful year ahead.


  1. Carla, pink lippie look really gorgeous on yoU! Come to think of it, bagay pa rin sayo red! So parehong ganda! :)

  2. Thank you sis Nikki. Next time try natin purple or blue naman. haha. I hope to see you soon. :)