Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeup Tutorial: First Date Makeup Look

Good morning ladies. A few days ago, I posted this tutorial on my youtube channel. It actually took me just one go because I love doing this kind of makeup.

I used to love first dates or dates in general. Because you always take that extra step to look amazing. I remember dropping a bottle of my favorite mac foundation and it was all-over my black stockings because of jitters. I also remember wearing a bright blue eyeshadow on my first day (yikes). And red lips .. which turned into a disaster when I accidentally touched my lips and when I was bidding that guy goodbye .. I touched his sleeves -- he was wearing white! Ack.

Through all that experience I learned that a successful first date, you have to keep it simple.

First date tips:
* Do not wear something skimpy
* Do not wear something with fishnets and high heels and shorts together.
*For makeup, use a primer to make your foundation last all night.
*To make you look blushing and radiant, use a cream blush and liquid illuminator underneath your setting powder. It will also last a long time if you set it properly with a powder blush/highlighter. (Watch my video on tips how to wear cream products underneath your setting powder!)
* Go for matte lipstick that is close to your shade or a little pink. because it's more easy on the eye and it's a lot less hassle for retouch. (think red. haha)
* Lastly, do not contour your nose -- especially if it is lunchtime.

I hope you'll find this tutorial helpful! Here's the video now.