Monday, April 6, 2009

Maquillage Professionel

I enrolled and had my first class earlier! :)
It's all about the base application.

Yey. I'll be posting pictures soon
Skin's all well. :) I'm trying hard not to wear any makeup since it's recovering pa, so after the foundation application, I quickly remove all my makeup!
Wee. :)


  1. wow!
    so you did took a makeup class...
    that sure sounds fun!

    i would like to also take one but im a little busy T_T

    Will be looking forward for the pics...

    Hope you'll have a lucky week!

  2. whoa! you enrolled already? tell us how it is!

  3. Congratulations! I can't wait to hear more about your makeup adventure!

  4. Thiamere, aww. pero you should do it. :) if it's what you want, go go go! :D

    Crystal, yes. :) I had my first day yesterday. :) it was fun. Learned the standard procedure of base application used by MUFE's/Maquillage Professionnel mua. :)

    Nikki, thank you. :)

  5. oh wow! yay! post pictures. do they give you the tools and makeup or you were the one who bought it?


  6. wow...I'm going to enroll too. Maybe on June! I still have to fix my sched and budget =D

  7. makeupdweeb, they give us the tools and materials for everything BUT that means we have to build our makeup kits after the class. What I love about MaquillageP is that I'm getting a Lifetime Discount Card (15% off on regular items) and Backstage Pass! :) And we can practice in school (if there's no class.) even after the graduation! You get what you pay for and it's so worth it. :)

    URY, yey! I promise you'll have the time of your life! Im going to get Module 2 too after this (and that's june! haha)