Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Etude House Eye's Cream eye "cream"

Oohhh.. An eye product. It might be too late because my eyes looks to old, baggy and wrinkly already but who knows.. God might send some miracle. :)

This one is standing next to the Goodbye Pore Ever when I first swatch it. And it reminded me of the Garnier Eye roll on that can be quite addictive but then it caused me bad allergies. I dont know why but I've been taking my resolution seriously now. Specially with skin since it's okay to be huge and have a healthy looking skin than being skinny with ewww skin. So, I grabbed it. And I've been using it for a week now.

I think this is kind of the same with MAC Fast Eye Respond cream that I used to have. It mains purpose is to de-puff and reduce fine lines. It did de-puff my eyes but didnt do much for my lines because it is way too prominent. But I like the cooling effect.

Cute box

Packaging is so cute!

It comes with this little cute cover, I think this one is to help the product not to dry any sooner? Im just guessing here since I cant read korean. haha

That's all the product you can get for Php425.00

What I hate is it's packaging. It is more unhygienic than the Garnier roll on since this is in stick form. I tried scooping some products at the top with a disposable spatula, but it doesnt apply well. So im back to "double dipping". :(

I use this twice a day. In the morning after wash my face and in the evening before sleeping. I loooove its cooling properties. It relaxes me. :) Specially when I pop this in the fridge for couple of minutes.. I love it.

I might not buy this again because Im going to try more eye creams out there that would help me moisturize my under eyes. But this is nice as a refresher. Is it worth your money? Personally, I dont think so. :)

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  1. what a cruious product. i hope its as "Delicious" to the skin as its name is!