Friday, July 22, 2011

Review:Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner and Refill

I wasn't into lip liners before, but ever since I fell in-love with lipstick, I know I have to give in and try some. My first lipliners came from my mom, it was NARS' Jilted Love and Nepal which is one of the best lip liners I own.... actually, I still have Nepal. I have lost its cap anf yet, whenever i re-sharpen it and swatch it to see if it is still creamy.. guess what? IT STILL IS. :) But this is not about the NARS' lip liner. This is about my recent favorite. :)

I before hand got myself a lipliner from The Face Shop and it is dry, it is tugging, it is expensive. It is not worth it. So when I was browsing Etude House a couple of months ago, I was really not hopeful at all. But when I swatch it, it was a crush. When I saw the price, it is love.

For only Php 98.00 you'll get a pretty deal with this lipliner plus the refill only cost Php48.00!
Let's get into the cons and pros.

1. Have a color range for everyday use. Not really that extensive like high-end brands like MUFE but this one have colors that you can use for everyday to a red retro lips.
2. Crazy inexpensive!
3. Refillable. Saves plastic!
4. Pigmented
5. Not too drying.

1. Refills doesn't have a cap. So dont lose your previous one.
2. If you misplace the lipliner's cap, it will cause the product to be drying.
3. Although the staying power is above average, it is really not long wearing. (Survives, a drink and two. But not eating.)
4. There are no bright shades like hot pink or orange
5. Small amount of product. (But I guess that's why it is so cheap. One refill can be used 10 times or more depending on how much you put. Mine lasted for about 10 uses top.)

Will I repurchase? I just did. I love it. I love the nude color. I just put on some gloss on top and it's ready to go. I also used this at a bride, And it prolong the lipstick's wear. :)

Swatch (L-R): #1, #2, #3, #4


No cap! Urgh.

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